Key Sig. disappeared

At some point the key signature disappeared on the voice part of a voice/piano score. The part is still written in the intended key. If I try to add the key sig. nothing happens. When I experimented with changing the k/s in that part to something else, the other staves changed, but the voice part one was still invisible.

So I assume that there’s a switch somewhere to hide a k/s, but I can’t find it. Sorry if it’s obvious…

A couple of the voice instruments (I think baritone, and lead) were set up incorrectly prior to 1.0.10 not to show key signatures. This has been fixed as of 1.0.10 but you won’t easily be able to fix it in an existing project. You could try changing your baritone voice for e.g. a tenor using the new Change Instrument feature in Setup mode.