Key sig. on inst. change when no change of key

When changing from Flute to Piccolo (both in C), Dorico repeats the current key signature. I can see this if we were changing, for example, from A to Bb clarinet, but not in the cited case.

Also, there seems to be no way to correct a clash between the “To Picc.” warning and the 1 of the 1-bar rest over which it appears.

I can’t reproduce the problem you describe with the key signatures appearing: can you attach your project here so we can take a look?

We plan to make it possible to move the instrument change labels soon. Unfortunately that is not yet implemented.

Here you go. Since the file is 6.7 MB and zipping it doesn’t change the size, I’ve put it on DropBox. Here’s the link:
The measure in question is 155, and the issue appears in the 2nd flute/picc., in both the full score and the part.
Also worth noting: this is the only place out of several instrument changes in this part where this happens.
Not a very important problem, but since we’re all acting in some sense as beta-testers, please consider this a trivial bug report.
Bill Conable

Thanks for submitting the project. The problem is that Dorico is incorrectly showing a warning key signature at the point at which the instrument changes simply because the next entry of the flute is in a new key. It should of course show a warning key signature if the new instrument’s transposition is different, but not if it’s the same. We’ll try to sort this out in the near future.