Key sig popover inconsistency...

Hi all (and team…)

May I respectfully request an option to disable “c” in the key sig popover to mean C Minor? I’d propose being able to type “cm”, and to having the letter become independent from Capitalization… :wink:
Reason: This feels inconsistent with the Chord Symbol popover, where “c” inputs a C Major chord, of course…
Option switch somewhere, maybe?

Thanks so much!


I’d argue that the Chord popover should use lower case for minor keys, instead!

I’d actually argue for both. I can see the logic of typing lower case c for minor, but when I first got Dorico I was surprised I couldn’t type ‘cm’ or ‘Cm’.

That’s what Options are for, I’d say… :slight_smile:


Please let the two (?) programmer teams meet:

  • after [shift+K ] I may type g for g minor (which I appreciate very much) but I may not type Fis for f sharp (which bothers me);
  • on the other hand: after [shift+Q ] I may type Fis7 for the f sharp seventh (which I appreciate very much) but I may not type e for the e minor triad (which bothers me).

A long long workaround (which I was willing to accept) seems to be: customize the chord symbols via the engrave options.
However, what happened was:

  1. I changed the symbol with the name e into a picture of e, including reducing the height from 8 little squares to 6
  2. Same for the symbol e7.
  3. When I type C , I get C.
    So far so good.
  4. Now when I want to enter [shift+Q] and then E7, guess what shows up? e7 (with the original height of 8 squares).
    AS IF (I don’t know, of course) the program treats upper and lower case as equals and that after I asked once for a lower case, lower case it will for ever be.

So, contrary to the OP’s request I would like to see the chord symbol module learn from the key signature module (e and E are different) and vice versa (fis, ges etc will be understood).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback, Karel. We don’t have any immediate plans to change either the key signature or chord symbol popovers, but we will take your feedback into account for possible future changes.

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Thank you for the (as always) quick reply, Daniel. Meanwhile I discovered some more places to click on in the edit window, and now I can define all major and minor chords.
It will take a while, though, so my future feature request stays alive.