Key signature change not working


I have a highlighted part of music where I am changing the key signature, but a certain part of the highlighted part is not changing the key signature. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks.

Key Signature changes do not transpose notes. It will respell according to the new Key Sig. It also does not operate on a highlighted region. It will insert the change before the first selected note.

Use Write > Transpose to tanspose notes to a new Key.

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If some staves aren’t picking up the new key signature, they might have local key signatures (that only apply to their staves). You can identify a local key signature by selecting it: if no other key signatures at that position on other staves also highlight, then it’s local.

You can delete it to make those staves revert to the prevailing global key signature (or a previous local key signature, if there is one).

This worked, thank you!

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