Key signature collision at instrument change


If you have a look at rehearsal number 7 in the attached screenshot, you’ll notice that there is a collision between the key signature change and the following multi-bar H-bar rest.

There is an instrument change at that point. Both are B flat instruments: B flat bass clarinet to B flat soprano clarinet (“ordinary” clarinet). So both are B flat instruments, but they read an octave apart, so I guess they are considered different transpositions by the software.

Also at figure 7, there is a general key change, from C major to D major concert pitch.

I have tried moving the values in Engrave mode > Properties panel > multi-bar rests > H-bar width delta, but then of course the right vertical line of the H-bar moves to the left, resulting in an unwanted distance from the next barline. (Moving that barline in Engrave mode results in the H-bar automatically adjusting, so the unwanted distance is maintained.)

I have a number of these occurences in the parts layouts. In the full score layout it seems ok.

Any ideas on a solution?

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading.
Key change crash at instrument change.png

In general this works OK, i.e. you don’t normally get a collision between the key change and the multi-bar rest. Can you please export this layout from your project, then open the exported layout, do Play > Playback Template and apply the ‘Silence’ playback template, then re-save and upload the clarinet part here so we can take a look?

Here is an example. I’ve cut it down, the example is at bar 93, figure 8. Hope this works. Thanks in advance.

(I’ve finally made note, by the way, of the fourth guideline from the sticky thread “[…] help us help you”. When in trouble, I’ll try to upload zips from now on.)
Midvinter 67 - 10_Sassofono soprano 1 - sassofono contralto 1 - (1.88 MB)

Unfortunately I think this is another problem caused by the multiple local time signatures you’re using. The time signatures belonging to the two instruments held by the player don’t match up, which leads to all sorts of fun and games (e.g. if you look at the part in galley view you’ll see the bar numbers are completely different than in page view), and I think that’s the cause of the collision: Dorico has an incorrect expectation about what will be happening at that barline and doesn’t “know” the key signature will be there. I’m not sure there’s any practical workaround at the moment.

I’ll adjust the width of the H-bar then. Looks funny of course, but better than the collision. Still, thanks for looking into it!