Key Signature Collision with double bar (Dorico 2)

Hi folks,

This is probably a simple fix that I am somehow missing and I can’t seem to find an engraving option to auto fix each occurrence.

I’m working on a score in which I am now noticing collisions between key signatures and the double bars which come just before. I have Dorico set to create the double bar upon key change, and, in an earlier version of the score, the collisions were not present. Perhaps the collisions happened due to page/system breaks later on in the process? I am not sure. In a few cases, the page on which these collisions occur is quite empty, so it’s not as though space is wanting.

I have no doubt fixing each occurrence manually in “engrave” mode would work, but I am wondering if something can be done to fix the issue automatically, or so that this doesn’t happen in the future without notice.

Many thanks!!
Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 2.57.49 PM.png

That’s because you have divisi in that layout. The bug is known and likely fixed and ready for the next mini-update. In the meantime, yes, using x offset in Engrave mode is the best solution.

Thanks Claude. Really appreciate that info. I wasn’t aware it was a known bug. I suppose I’ll just wait for the mini update and see if that auto-resolves the problem,