Key signatures: Naturals nesting

Is there a way to adjust how much nesting occurs with key signatures containing naturals? In the attached example, the sharps are nested nicely and evenly. However there is a weird gap in the middle of the cancellation naturals. It seems that there is ample room for a more even nesting to occur. Was there an algorithmic change in 3.5 that changed this? Or did I simply not notice it before? I increased the generic spacing of accidentals from 1/4 to 3/8 which helps a bit, but it still seems that some refining could be done here. I just wanted to make sure I’m not overlooking something. Interestingly, I checked the edition from 1890 and it has more even cancellation naturals as well (which are nested).

Looks to me like the naturals are arranged in exactly the same spacing and pattern as were the sharps to begin with. Which is what I would expect.

Here’s an example as seen in the wild where the naturals are optically spaced. I agree that it looks a lot better. I don’t think Dorico has ever had this capability - the other programs don’t seem to, either. It might be hard to implement, and in any case, probably far down the wish list.

I’ll have to post a pic later of the edition I was copying. The sharps in my first example look much more even to me; but this is also due in part to the fact that they are a different shape. Ultimately, they are all nested nearly equidistant. The naturals, however, have a much different shape and there’s no good reason, I can tell, (apart from perhaps the fact that the same rule applies to naturals as to sharps) as to why there needs to be such a large gap between the second and third naturals.

Dorico doesn’t kern accidentals in key signatures. It could, because it kerns accidentals in other contexts, but it doesn’t do so for key signatures. We may add this capability in a future version, however.