Key signatures not showing!

Help! I’m trying to change the key signature in a flow and here’s what happens:

-I hit shift-K and the popover does NOT appear. However, when I type the key signature it does add the double bar line, changes the accidentals properly, and the key signature signpost appears.
-BUT the key signature itself is not appearing.
-I have tried resetting the appearance, deleting all the key signatures in the flow and re-adding them. What’s weird is I had key signatures before and everything was working fine. But now that I’ve deleted them they won’t come back.

This is a project with like 24 flows in it (it’s a musical). I thought maybe it was just a memory thing, but when I exported the flow and opened it on its own it still wouldn’t work.


Update: I was able to correct it finally by clicking it in in the Key Signatures sidebar. I had tried that before to no avail but for some reason it started working again. So I was able to get the key signatures to show up finally, but I still remain unable to enter them via the popover.

Update: Never mind, the accidentals are still not displaying correctly and everything got even weirder…

Close the file, shut down the computer and restart. Worth a try.

I’ve done that 3 times. :confused:

I would have said that the fact that SHIFT-K does not invoke the popover is crucial. It should. Has it always? Have you perhaps got a utility that reassigns that particular key combination?

Make sure you set not only the key change you want but also the key for the whole piece/flow. An unmarked key signature is not necessarily C major unless you set it as such. Thus transposing instruments may not show key signatures either.

Also, some instruments (e.g. brass such as the Horn) have variants that do not show key signatures at the start of the line.

Is there a different way to set the key signature for the whole piece other than adding one at measure 1? I’m not using any transposing instruments, just piano, vocals, bass and percussion. The percussion never displays a key signature but that’s normal of course.

Sometimes it shows and sometimes it doesn’t. Currently it is showing actually, and like I said, the program is recognizing that a key signature has been added and the accidentals are changed accordingly, and the signpost will display if I have that option checked, but the actual signature is not drawn on the score. I’ve actually also had that issue with the bar popover as well, with it sometimes not displaying. But it will still work, invisibly. Like I’ll hit shift-B and it doesn’t pop up, but then I can still type +1 to add a bar and it works. So that’s odd.

The weirdest thing to me is that it let me add key signatures perfectly fine before. I didn’t change anything except to edit the music as usual and maybe add a new flow to the project. And suddenly it’s acting all screwy.

Can you zip up and attach the project here so we can take a look at it?