Key signatures

I would really like to see a key signature in parts but just cannot seem to find out how to do it. All I get is accidentals. Can anyone help?

To input a key signature somewhere, select a rest or a note, or enable the caret, type shift-K and fill the popover with the key signature (4#, FM, 3b…)
Is that the question ? If it is, I suggest you watch all the beautiful videos Anthony Hughes has made to explain every feature Dorico has. Otherwise, please be more specific in your question :wink:
I might add that, if you do not want that key signature to be for all stave, you can alt-enter instead of enter once you are done with the popover.
Hope it helps !

Perhaps you’re writing for an instrument that doesn’t show a key signature by default? If so, go to Setup mode and expand the player card for the instrument in question, then click the little label that represents the instrument and choose Change Instrument from the submenu.

I have attached a screen shot of what I am seeing in this particular score. I must admit that I have just done a piece for a small wind band and the key signatures showed on all the parts but here they do not seem to.

I think you should click on the first note of the flute, shift-K and input C (for Cmajor) because Dorico won’t put any key signature if you don’t define it…

Thanks that worked.