Key Switch Audition for Violin Pizz. not working and playing a low C#0 Drone

I am composing a piece where pizz. is needed, but the audio playback is not playing pizz. and instead playing a low C#0 drone. When I checked the Expression Maps, everything appeared to look normal, but after pressing the expression map audition button, it gave the same playback.

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You’ll need to more specific if you really want some help.
Your problem is clearly related to a key switch not recognized as one. Which vsti are you using? Which expression map? Can you post a cut-down version of your project (no music or very little, but your play settings on, please.)
Sometimes, the expression map is not using the appropriate middle C (it can be C3, C4, or C5 depending on the library). Maybe check this out before.


Are any other techniques working properly?

Can you trigger the pizz. with the pointer in the VST window?

If so just change it from C#0 to the correct one in the expression map.

I am currently using the [GM 041] Violin with the HSO Violin Combi Expression map. I have also tried auditioning the sound with all 3 middle Cs. It also appears to affect all HSO string Combi Expression maps after auditioning the sounds of those.
The forums are not allowing me to upload an audio clip so let me know if an image of anything will help you.
If you need any more information, let me know, I’m still new to using this program so I may have left something out.

There’s a mismatch between sound and expression map… Reload the playback template…

After reloading the HSSE+HSO (pro) template, the [GM 041] Violin instrument sound was removed from the HALion Sonic SE instrument rack which I have readded. After listening to the playback I still have all the problems as before.

I have tried loading the HSSE (elements) and the HSSE (pro) to see if they would have changed or fixed anything but it had not.

The [GM 041] violin is a general MIDI instrument which is synthesized and sounds over the whole Midi range. That’s why the KeySwitch notes sound as drones when you use the wrong expression map.

The [GM 041] does not use key switching, so, if you insist on using it rather than the higher quality COMBO, you must also replace the expression map with the one called CC11 Dynamics


Newcomers may not be aware of this but it can’t be stressed enough that GM instruments are usually very limited and are not designed to make use of Expression Maps. Although the Halion library is not very sophisticated by modern standards, those using it should at least in general use the patches with alternative articulations and avoid GM instruments for orchestral instruments unless there really is no alternative.

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GM 41 is Violin, but GM 46 is Pizz Strings. One has to change MIDI channel entirely to change from arco to pizz and hope the sounds match.

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