Key switch for trumpet mute?

Trying to get Halion SE to playback trumpet con sord.

I can get the playing techniques popover to show “con sord.” and “straight mute,” but the sound doesn’t change.

Looking at the HSO solo trumpet expressions map, (which I assigned to that player when I clicked the VST Insts gear icon) nothing about
mute/con sord/straight mute is already in the techniques box.

I can find “straight mute” on the list of techniques to add, but what info needs to be filled in the Actions box at the bottom of the expression map to make it playback? In another thread, Daniel said “pizz, arco, mute, etc. already play back.” Hoping the mute playback applies to trumpets and trombones too.

PS: is it the same key switch for trumpets/trombones/strings? Thx!

Unfortunately the trumpet and trombone patches in HSO don’t have a mute. If you have another sample library that does have a mute then then you should be able to map the keyswitch to the mute technique.