Key switch Track in Key Editor


Not sure if this has been bounced around previously but as i can’t find anything specific, wouldn’t articulation changes be so much easier if there was an option to have a lane in the Key Editor where the user can specify a keyboard range/zone? So for example, if you choose not to use expression maps and stick to good old fashioned key switches, rather than scrolling down or up to the extremes of the keyboard to see what you’ve switched to etc. Why can’t the Key Editor window have a sub section which can be toggled and the user decides what the keyboard range/zone is. Say C-1 to C-0. This could be like a controller lane or as we have in the arrangement window where you have a top section which is independent and stays displayed regardless of where you scroll vertically.

If this option is already in place, apologies but i can’t find it!




This is what is Expression Map used for. Why you don’t use it?

Because not everything i wish to use has an expression map and rather than creating specific EX maps, it would be easier to have a User specified keyboard zone which is independent to the rest of the key editor window.

Quick question, i notice in your signature you have your MBP as the master and the MP as a slave connecting via VEP. I do the something similar with a MP 5,1 as the master and a MP 1,1 as the slave but am having disk streaming issues within Kontakt when it’s on the slave MP in VEP 5. Do you know if Kontak’st Multi Processor should be off when hosted by VEP and should VEP have the highest possible thread count in the preferences?


Yes, not everything has an Expression Map. But you can make it very quickly by your own and save it for the next time. Then it’s much faster and more convenient to use it than remember all Key Switches. :wink:

Regarding your 2nd question, I’m not using NI Kontakt hosted in VE Pro, sorry. But I’m pretty sure the topic has been mentioned here on the forum already.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea myself. Expression Maps are an awful lot of work and you might just want to use something incidentally.

Well right now you can have the same MIDI Part open in two Key Editor windows at the same time - one standalone & the other in the lower zone. So you could use one for the actual notes & the other for key-switches.

I…guess…so… :stuck_out_tongue: