Key switches at C0

I’m hoping this is a dumb question and I’m just overlooking the obvious.

I have a Korg Kronos 88 key, which runs C1 to C8. I need to invoke key switches on Vienna Smart Orchestra that are at C0. They have the option to shift middle C from C4 to C3, but that just shifts my bottom C to C0 and the key switches to C-1, and thus still out of reach.

This is the first time I’m trying to use key switches with a controller rather than just programming the data into the midi track. How do you guys usually handle this sort of situation?

You can deal with this in a couple of ways.

If you are using an Expression Map then you can use it to remap those keyswitches to any notes that work better for you.

If you aren’t using Expression Maps then you can use the Input Transformer to octave shift the keyswitches (or otherwise change them).

Thanks, man.

Played around with both of those options, and both worked as expected. The problem I ran into was the fact that they use two octaves in their mapping.

Ultimately I went the hardware route, and have a little two octave keyboard on the way that I’ll use for key switching. I suspect it’ll come in handy for other things as well, so probably several cats skinned.

Appreciate the help.