Key-switches in the score after MIDI load

Dorico cannot load the self-constructed MIDI file correctly.

Score1 is edited in write mode and export to MIDI.
Score2 after the loading of own MIDI file.

The key-switches are visible in the score as notes.
Left piano-hand is curiously showed. (752 KB)

This is not a bug. The reason for that is because Dorico doesn’t currently have any options to know what sort of MIDI file it was or how to interpret the pitches which could correspond to key switches.

I see that even so, Dorico can not distinguish it.
Currently there are 2 MIDI standard formats: 0 and 1.
The one exported by Dorico does not match two (because of the key switsches).
Maybe the Dorico MIDI files should not be called *.mid?

MIDI 0 and MIDI 1 would both include the key switches because MIDI does not distinguish instrument ranges and therefore does not isolate key switches. If you do not want the key switches, you need to filter them out in your DAW before exporting. Otherwise you need to use VST instruments that adhere to the actual instrument ranges and would therefore not play the key switches.

Since Dorico does not know what VST instruments you have installed, Dorico cannot be expected to choose those instruments for you automatically.

Derrek, I agree with it.
I would like to play the MIDI files on a PC without VST. MIDI sound quality is lousy compared to WAV/MP3, but sometimes it’s so necessary.

Can I hide the key switches when exporting MIDI from Dorico? I have not found it.

So what you want is for Dorico to export General MIDI. This isn’t something that is currently supported, but it’s something we may consider for a future version.

Thanks Paul.
Yes, I’ve tried GM, and the HALion hung himself.
But, glad to know that they will keep it in mind.