Key Switching in C Pro 8


I am wondering what the best way of using Key Switches is, in C Pro 8. I have been using the Articulation lane with Expression Maps that I have made and it seems to work most of the time. I have used the workaround as described on the forum of creating a empty slot above all the other Articulations as I was finding the first samples weren’t triggering every time upon playback.

I would rather use the Articulation lane rather than just drawing notes (that relate to keyswitches) in on the Key Editor as I a) like to see what the articulations are and b) don’t want random notes printing out on scores.

My question (and this is after watching a tutorial) is, should I draw in Keyswitches exactly when the notes (for triggering Musical samples) are supposed to play or should I draw them in just slightly before each note so it let’s Cubase and the VIs change the keyswitch before the note is played?

Round Robins seem to be a problem for consistent play back as well but that’s for further reading (can’t seem to find a reset option in 8Dio Libraries for example).

Thanks for any help



Some Articulations are linked with the exact Note (for example the accent). Then you will ne forced to put it on the exactly same position, as the Note starts. There is no other way.

But for some more general articulation switching, you can set it freely. In this case, I’m always putting the earlier.