Key to melody inspiration generator

we have everything in cubase to get a more advanced midi or vst plug in for instruments that can generate melodies from root key or scale for music inspiration, like stepsesigner but more advanced. there are plugins out there you can buy. but cubase has super advanced technology to collect everything into a block to create melodies or collect all technology in a plugin you put in insert on vsti track.

when you are sometimes blocked in a song where you have most of it but find it difficult to get inspiration in the melody. in this plugin, you can insert other tracks that have melodies where it starts from them and fyöer in. where it can be a random button that you can press until you find something that you feel starts to fit and what you felt was missed.

we all have and for blocks in the brain with which we must work with melodies. what do the rest of you say? do you have any installation vst for melodies that perform in from root key? or the melodies are just sprayed out of your brains and that there is no need :slight_smile:

my inspiration has been that people listened to music before, but don’t have time to do so to the same extent now.

just an idea and input, which shouldn’t be that hard for steinberg to build in or make as a plugin that we get to buy through Absolut or standalone plugin.