Key Visual Differences between 5 and 6 *Video*

I just knocked up a quick video comparison of the 5 and 6 interface differences… both were running fine together on my machine simultaneously so big up the Steinberg coders for that feat!

All good but the default settings for appearance of MIDI parts could do with a subtle tweak for me… find out in the video below.

I’m also missing the colour shortcut at the base of the channel strip and still making my mind up about the lack of coloured backgrounds distiguishing the different track classes (ie group/FX return etc)

Overall i’m really liking this new version. Will try and get some more stuff up soon but i’m full on with making sure the existing Cubase Course at Point Blank Online is not out of date with regards to new Cubase 6 features. For the record I will also be creating new videos in C6 to add to the existing course content.


Thanks for that, very interested in whatever other videos you have planned on C6 content :smiley:

Cheers, interesting sneak peek, the lack of variable track type colours is one thing already
discussed but i find that the midi event opacity thingy is kinda crucial

Thanks for a cool comparison. Seeing as you’re using the OS X version, any difference in performance to C5?

Excellent video! Thank you very much for taking the time to record and post it. :slight_smile:

Nice music, by the way.

Nice thanks for doing this. How is the performance with 6 compared to 5?

Hey Danny

Try to hold down a modifier key while you click on the color on the Mixer (CTRL or ALT or SHIFT) :wink:

Best regards

I thought C6 did away with Mixer track colors. :confused:

Ah… so this is how it’s done… i’ll put an annotation in the existing vid… many thanks.


Try to hold down a modifier key while you click on the color on the Mixer (CTRL or ALT or SHIFT)

Annotation added and thanks message included :wink:

We lost Track Type background, not track strip color.


Cool vid. Thanks.

Thanks for posting. Good video.

yeah! Thanx! Make more of them! :sunglasses:

The new C6 interface looks much more balanced…YESS!

Thanks for all the kind words. Will try and get another done tomorrow… have some ideas already - i’m basically looking for an angle that isn’t covered by the official videos and also the course content i’m creating for Point Blank.

Great, looking forward to them!