Keyboard and Battery Percussion In the Same Part?

Hi Folks!

I’m creating a part right now which starts on vibraphone and then moves to latin percussion about 1/2 way through. I am aware that percussion staves are really cleverly condensed multi-percussion staves, so I know this might not be possible.

Is there a way to do this? Or a workaround that would simulate it for the player and score?

My end goal:

  • One combined part for the player that looks like they are simply moving to percussion from vibes, just like an instrument change for a doubler
  • On the score, the appearance of the vibes player moving to percussion, rather than having two separate staves where the vibes one stops and the percussion one starts

Just make sure the same single player holds both the vibraphone and latin percussion instruments/kit. Dorico should handle the instrument change for you, provided they don’t have overlapping notes.

Oh jeez—it’s really that simple? I should’ve tried it first I guess. I could’ve sworn I read that it wasn’t possible.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris!

Again, I’m reminded how nice you all are for putting up with questions like this.