Keyboard and Mouse lag/cut out while Cubase Pro 10 is running

I recently installed Cubase Pro 10. When Cubase is running it causes my keyboard and mouse to behave strangely. My mouse will stop responding randomly, making it near impossible to use. I thought it was the batteries so I changed those and that didn’t help. My keyboard is also on the fritz. When Cubase 10 is running keystrokes stop working or are delayed, keystrokes will repeat (i.e. typing “cubase” will come across as “cuuuuuuuuuuuubaaasssseeee”), or the entire keyboard just stops working and doesn’t respond. This happens only when Cubase 10 is RUNNING. And when I say random I mean it is happening 90% of the time, rendering my keyboard and mouse unusable. And it doesn’t just affect keystrokes and mouse movements inside the Cubase application… it globally affects my keyboard and mouse in all applications including Windows. As soon as I close Cubase 10 the issue goes away. I can work in Cubase Pro 9.5 without any issues. This is specific to Cubase 10 and I have never experienced anything like this.

My system is Windows 10, i5 @ 4.2ghz, 16gb RAM, nvidia gtx660 GPU, SSD and is a dedicated DAW with nothing installed beyond Cubase, some plugins, ilok, splice, gobbler, and an internet connection. I have been using Cubase for years and have never experienced an issue like this. Any assistance would be helpful.

Thank you.

Couple questions to help troubleshoot- how are your keyboard and mouse connected to the computer? Are they wireless?

What other devices are connected to your computer, and how are they connected?

Cubase can’t be causing this on its own, but some condition that is different when Cubase is running is the likely culprit.

I’ve been experiencing mouse lag (only after running Cubase (10.5) as well. I don’t know exactly what triggers it except that it’s been only recently that I’ve become acutely aware of it (I upgraded to 10.5 within the last few weeks). I first noticed it after working on some film scoring under 10.0 (Pro) and thought that the video was causing it but even non-video projects are experiencing intermittent mouse lag. I’m running the latest (1909) WIN10 with 32 GB RAM on an i7 CPU. I’m using a wireless mouse/keyboard that both transmit to the same USB wireless receiver. BTW, I have not noticed any issue with the computer keyboard.
I’ve pretty much eliminated all unnecessary processes and disable my connection (ethernet) to my router and take down any firewall etc software prior to running cubase. I’ve been using this computer configuration (except for increasing drive space) for a number of years now without this issue. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.

Hi. Just wanted to update that I agree with Steve’s previous comment “Cubase can’t be causing this on its own, but some condition that is different when Cubase is running is the likely culprit.” I subsequently experienced mouse lag with Cubase completely put of the picture. This pretty much indicates that something else is the culprit.