keyboard can't trigger midi notes on Cubase/Halion

I’m using korg trinity keyboard usb to laptop, then CI1. I had it working then it stopped again. it was always on and off until I switched to CI1 then it became more stable, and now same problem again, I have no idea what setting it is.

It plays the midi that’s pre recorded, but won’t trigger new keyboard stuff

in the midi device manager I set to Microsoft gs wavetable - it was off, I don’t know if that matters

ALSO IMPORTANT TO NOTE IS that every time it’s like this that I’m having problems with midi, whenever I have midi USB plugged into laptop and try to start Cubase, it hangs and does not start until I UNPLUG midi USB then it starts right after that. I know this has something to do with the problem. midi usb connected will not allow Cubase to start, then once it starts I can plug it in.