Keyboard command for [

I want to use the command shift-alt-[ to go to next layout but on the Swedish Pro keyboard I get [ by pressing alt-( so the command doesn’t work for that shortcut. Is there a way around this?


I just made a reply on another thread presenting a workaround for this specific problem:

Hej och tack.
I\m on Mac but it works. Thanks a lot.

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Do you by any chance have a solution for go to next flow as well? I can’t get that to work with the English or Swedish keyboard, and I really need that.

I managed to add key commands to these operations without any problems. Could you describe how your procedure looked like, so we can rule out any mistakes on your end?

I just tried to press the buttons as indicated in the preferences but it doesn’t work with either Brittish or Swedish - Pro keyboard
In Brittish I’m supposed to press shift 6 for ^ plus alt plus num arrow (but what is num, any number or just arrow?)
In Swedish ^ plus alt plus arrow, nothing happens.
Great if you can point me in the right direction.

What? I don’t know where you’re getting these shortcuts from, but if you’re seeing " ^ " somewhere then that is the symbol used to indicate the “ctrl” key on a Mac.

(Mac keyboard shortcuts – Apple Support)

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Oh, so I missed that for years. Thank you much. There is a ^ on the keyboard, I’ve thought it was that one for ages. Now I’m a happy person, thanks.

Lol! This was groundbreaking news for me as well, although I am mainly a Windows user so consequently I have never had the need to deal with that dualistic concern. Good to know in case I end up in front of a Mac in the future. :slightly_smiling_face: