Keyboard commands and notes

Hello, 2 questions:
1-In what file and folder is “keyboard commands” stored?
2-It would be possible now or in updates that the notes go up and down with just the mouse, like Cubase 10 and Sibelius ?, without having to use two keyboard commands
Thank you.

Dear octogesa,

  1. You should find the answers in other threads of this forum. And if you really want an answer, can you tell which machine you own (PC or Mac)? The answers may vary :slight_smile:
  2. The team has locked that possibility to avoid any errors made by mistake… Still, I remember Daniel wrote in an earlier thread that maybe an option (well hidden, I hope) could be added to unlock that.

Hola Marc,

  1. Es para otro PC con Windows
  2. Podrias averiguar como hay que hacer para que haya la opción de desbloquear y poder subir y bajar las notas con tan solo el ratón?. te lo agradeceria mucho
    Gracias por todo
  1. You can change and set any keyboard commands to most of the commands in the application’s Preferences dialog. No need for editing files directly.

  2. I have seen and tried mouse input in at least five separate notation packages over the years, and keyboard control is always faster and more accurate. The risk of ‘slipping’ with the mouse and over-shooting the intended pitch is entirely absent if you just have to press one Up key or specify a set pitch.

But with Sibelius and Cubase 10, there are no problems.

… until you accidentally swipe a note by a few octaves, or drag a piece of text way out of position, and don’t notice till somebody at the first rehearsal says “what’s this supposed to mean?” :wink:

Hola octogesa.

Por ahora, lo que pides con el ratón es imposible. Este comportamiento es la causa de numerosos errores, por eso el equipo de Dorico escogió lo de las dos teclas, así es casi imposible cambiar las notas si no es lo que quieres hacer. La verdad es que me parece una buenísima idea y solo es cosa de acostumbrarse. Daniel no rechazó la idea de tener una opción (creo recordar) pero esa opción no existe ahora.

Supongo que lo que quieres hacer con los shortcuts es copiar el fichero en el nuevo PC… Tengo un mac:no te puedo decir así

[Edit] Lee el último post de Daniel aquí

De acuerdo Marc.
Muchas gracias