Keyboard commands have stopped working

Keyboard commands have stopped working. For example pushing the space bar no longer starts PLAY. The delete key no longer deletes a selected item in the timeline. I guessing that I might have accidentally hit a keyboard key that toggles this functionality on and off perhaps?

By the way it’s not a faulty keyboard. I’m typing this post using the keyboard.

One of my students experienced this as well few week ago on Nuendo 5.1.
She finally narrowed it down to open media bay window. Hasn’t happened to me or anyone else tho…
Also open Waves plugins windows can cause this.
These are all that comes to mind.

Also might be worth trashing prefs and see if that helps.

Bye / Tumppi

Would trashing preferences also delete custom keyboard shortcuts that I have set up?

Yes, I confirm this strange behaviour.
Only some of them (shortcuts) stop working after some time.
Then I exit Nuendo, start it again and all is ok…

You can back up them and then bring back.

Bye / Tumppi

Exactly dito :slight_smile:

It happened that the keycommands were all gone, I just reloaded them from my presets and/or dropped back a backuped keycommand.xml file…

Seems to have worked. I hope it stays this way. Good call all!