Keyboard commands + unnecessary sounds

I uppgraded my Cubase from 6.5 to 8 about a week ago and I’ve been trying to set up my music system again after 1-2 years break and trying to learn to use it. Many problems solved, but couple of show stoppers still left. When I enter notes from Motif XF8, I hear the right sound from Cubase, but keyboard also activates some key commands. For example when I press C2, Cubase opens save as-window etc. Another problem is that for example when I select one track Cubase plays a certain sound and when I select another track Cubase plays another sound. Not needing these sounds. Any help would be appreciated.

  • thejjlmusic

How could I stop Motif-keyboard giving key commands to Cubase? Maybe there is something wrong with my setup:
a) Motif XF8 midi-out settings (Record to PC option selected). Newest Motif-firmware not installed.
b) Yamaha USB/midi-driver. Newest driver installed. Maybe not working properly?
c) Cubase settings (key command or some other settings?)

Where should I start to look for solution?

Problem solved. In Devices setup / Remote Devices I had selected Yamaha Motif XF as midi input and output. Removed these selections and now midi seems to work normally.

It sounds like you may have just turned of the Motif XF’s Remote control capability for the Cubase DAW.

I suspect your original problem was because the midi port associated with the remote capability was included in All Midi In.

You might like to check your MIDI setup against the following article to ensure your XF is correctly connected and you can take advantage of the remote capability to use the XF transport and mixing controls to control Cubase.