Keyboard focus - oddities whilst plugin UI open

Just got the very nice ‘Type A’ plugin from Audiothing. I have it applied as a clip effect.

It doesn’t let WL behave well when its UI is open and I try to use WL shortcut keys (eg - Transport). Mostly, I’m constantly having to re-click on WL’s or Type A GUI to focus when/where key commands are active. There’s a bit of randomness here too because sometimes it seems the keyboard ‘Spacebar’ (or ‘Enter’ and ‘0’ from Numpad) will function as expected (Stop/Start), even though I’ve just adjusted a parameter in ‘Type A’ - and not clicked to re-focus the WL UI. Sometimes I can re-focus to WL UI and yet the shortcuts refuse to work.! (Type A UI is open all the while).

Its all a bit weird. Same deal with Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins (SlickEQ, Kotelnikov, Nova). All are 64bit and VST2; the AudioThing plugin is VST3 edition. None of these issues in Cubase/Studio One, whatsoever.!

Why is WL so picky…? Steinberg plugs (MasterRig) seem to work flawlessly by the way. No re-clicking back and forth needed, to focus the UI etc…

Don’t think this is anything that new to be honest; haven’t been relying on WL for Mastering for a while now, but remember similar ‘fickleness’ with other plugins behaviour, from the past.

Anyone else, anything similar…?