Keyboard for main stereo out

Is there a way to have a hotkey for the main stereo out? I would love if we could hotkey whatever we chose to bring up whatever tracks we wish.
Say, I wanted to bring up track one editor then I could program it to pop up whenever I hit number 1 and so on.

By stereo out, I mean the master track

In Pro you can apply your own key command to a Project Logical Editor preset(edit menu).
These presets can end with executing a macro as well.

So you have quite a bit of freedom to come up with sequency of stuff, run a certain selection of track(s) and execute something.
All with a single key command.

So yes, I think you can do what you described. But not quite as much in Artist if that is your status still.

But you can come a long way with macros alone.
If you can think of a safe way to select wanted track, by moving to last track, the relative movement and something else etc.

In pro you have 3 mixers use one of them to only show the master channel.
Don’t know if the artist version has that.

Not, sure. I have to check it out. Thanks!