Keyboard input in keys

I’m inputting a very long single note piece using keyboard shortcuts, ie; A-G. My question is as follows: I’m in the key of G#m which has five sharps. When I input the notes into the score, why do I have to use the + sign before the note name as the note is already sharpened in the key signature? It seems to me that it would make more sense that Dorico assumes that the note is sharpened until counteracted by a natural sign. Is there any way to change this behaviour as it is incredibly time consuming? Thanks.

That should indeed be the case - I just checked, and yes if you input a G after a G#m key signature, a G# is input (although it doesn’t show an accidental beside the note, as per convention). If you select the G and look in the status bar in the bottom left of the window, it should show “G#” and its voice.

Thanks Lillie. You’re right. :+1: