Keyboard is recognized, but no MIDI signal

Hey there, I have been on Google and these forums for 5 hours now and can find no help! My MIDI keyboard (M-Audio Keystation 61es) randomly stopped working today.
It shows up in Cubase, and is active, but no midi activity is evident in the midi meter in the bottom right corner. I’ve double checked the midi filters, and nothing is being filtered out.
Whats more, if I load Kontakt in stand alone, it also sees the midi keyboard, but will not let me assign it to a MIDI port, so it is perpetually off.

I have tried another keyboard, another cable, several USB ports, and its the exact same as I have described above.
Why Cubase can recogize the keyboard, and tell me its active, and yet not get a midi signal is beyond me.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am dead in the water now.
I am on windows btw.



Could you run any MIDI Monitor application (MIDI-OX) and test of the signal comes to the computer?