Keyboard mapping (Nektar SE49) on Cubase 10

Hi I am using Nektar SE49 as a MIDI keyboard.

When I connect it to Cubase, it initiates D key as C key (so all the keys are moved 2steps right) in instrument tracks.
Weird thing is that on HAlion Sonic or Retrologue, the keyboard plays right sound (C-key playing C) but on screen it initiates as D. This makes problem when I use my keyboard on for instance Groove Agent, where I have to press D-key for playing C-key.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Pls help… :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi and welcome on the forum,

What do you mean by this, please?

Where “on screen” exactly, please?

Hi I am meaning “on the screen” as keyboard detection on VST instruments where you can see which key you are pressing on keyboard. (And where it detects as C-key when I actually press D-key and sounds like D-key)

Press the PB1 button over the pitch bend wheel as many times as you need to make the “C” note “C” again (or PB2 to move different way). I think that should do it


You probably mean to make sure the PitchBend is reset to 0. You can also send MIDI Reset message from the MIDI menu.

Actually it sounds like a transpose function?

PB1 & PB2 buttons (assignable to: Pitch Bend, Transpose, Vol, Pan, Track* or Patch* change)


I actually did mean the PB buttons… but when I put on my glasses I see he had a different Nektar keyboard than I was thinking of. It seems Nektar put out some more new 49 models.

The model he got has a transpose button, I would try those. most Nektar keyboards have a button so you can transpose to play all scales on white keys

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Hi how do you exactly mean by “try using Transpose function”? I have pressed the (Setup → Transpose → Enter) but nothing had happened.

you have buttons called transpose right?

Yeah, I got two.

so if you press 1 of them 1 time (if the function is the same as other Nektar keyboards) you should see your midi move closer or further away from a C if you press the C note on your keyboard