Keyboard midi doesn't work with VST instrument

Hi all. I have a keyboard (Nord Electro 5) running into a MOTU Express 128 which is connected to an IMac running Cubase 9.5. I have an instrument track (EastWest Symphonic Strings) which is not responding to midi from the keyboard. I can see the key-on and key-off events in the transport panel so midi must be active. The instrument midi input is set to omni and should respond to midi sent on any channel (as I understand it). The track input is set to “All Midi inputs”.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome!

Are you using Asio Direct Monitoring?

You say you can see MIDI input on the transport panel but what about on the track itself (either on the mixer or in the arrangement window)?

Also, you say the instrument is set to Omnni, I assume this is on the VSTi itself, what about on the Track Inspector? Check this is set either to ALL MIDI Inputs or your specific keyboard if listed.

Thanks for the replies.

Panther, no I’m not using ASIO direct monitoring … the checkbox is greyed out. BTW, to access it in my version of Cubase it’s /Studio/Studio Setup and then to the audio device. There is no “Devices” pull-down menu.

Planarchat, yes I can see the note-on and note-off MIDI messages in the transport panel but not on the track in either the mixer or arrangement window. The instrument, that is, the VSTi plugin is set to OMNI and in the track inspector the setting is ALL MIDI.

Oh wait. It just started working. Hmm, the only thing I’ve done is turn on monitoring in the track. That seems to have done the trick.

Again, thanks for your replies. Very much appreciated.

That’s what I was bringing your attention to. Glad that’s all it was and you’re welcome!