Keyboard+mouse (and also screen) responsiveness slow

Hi, I don’t know if it’s happening only to me, but I find the responsiveness of keyboard and mouse input (for everything) somewhat slow. It happens a lot that I have to ‘wait’ somewhat before a certain command is completed. I’m talking half seconds. I don’t want to compare things, but I also work in Sibelius and in Finale and (even in Finale) things react faster. Sometimes a little frustrating… (Im’ working on a 16inch MacBook Pro 2019 with 32 GB RAM)
Also screen is not moving fluently; when I want to go left or right in the sheet music it’s not reacting immediately. Also a little annoying.

A number of factors can affect Dorico’s responsiveness. Overall system load (especially if you’re using heavy VST instruments that use both a lot of RAM and CPU) can certainly affect it, but so too can project size: the more players/instruments you have, and the more bars, the longer it can take for Dorico to process your edits. You may also have lots of windows or tabs within windows open at once, showing many layouts in the project, which also increases processing time, as Dorico has to update every layout in every tab and window after every edit.

In short, we need some more information about the kind of project(s) you’re working on to be able to offer more advice.

Strange thing is that it happens with every project (small like one instrument or large like full symphonic pieces). And I’m not running any heavy samples (except NotePerformer). But as always, VST Audio Engine is eating up my CPU.

At that moment of time only nkoda was open. No other (heavy) programs running.

That level of CPU usage is entirely normal, and shouldn’t be the reason that you’re experiencing slowness.

25% is per CPU core, and you’ve got either 12 or 16 cores (2 x 6 or 8 real cores due to hyperthreading). So that’s between 1.5% and 2% of total CPU.

(FWIW, Chrome is a well known hog of memory and CPU, to say nothing of privacy issues…)

That’s good to know!
Nevertheless… I don’t see why my system falters under my workflow. :frowning:

You could upload a Diagnostic Report (from the Help menu) here.

It could be something like a MIDI feedback loop, perhaps.