Keyboard sends MIDI on 1 ch only, but Cu5 receivs on ALL ch!

Strange MIDI reception behavior of my Cubase 5.1.1 for a couple of days :
My E-Piano or my midi keyboard definitively send midi events on ONE channel only (e.g. channel 4), BUT Cubase 5.1.1 (and ONLY Cubase does so now!) plays ALL active midi tracks or VST Instruments via their belonging midi tracks! Cubase seems to ignore the individual midi receive channel setting for each midi track, even in the simplest NEW projects, even those based on an empty project and wired by hand!

So once again: Ff the keyboard sends data just only on channel 2 (or any other), ALL active midi tracks of Cubase receive these data and play their part, although they are set to DIFFERENT midi channels (NO channel is set to all or any!). So all active midi tracks always do react on any input channel, not only to the sending one!
What’s going on there? Can’t be true!
I’m I blind?

I checked the external MIDI conditions dozens of times with several tools and music software:

  • MIDI Monitor software, all MIDI data are correctly transmitted by my E-Piano and received by the selected RME card, when I’ve selected MIDI out channel 2 on my Piano(s) then the RME card receives it on the same channel and on no other, as I expect (I tried both of my RME cards separately, the RME AIO and the RME AES-32 card)

  • Other MIDI players like the Topten Cantabile player shipped with the Synthogy Ivory II piano also receive only the channel I want to work with, the other tracks/instruments keep out, when they don’t get data not “their” channel. And when I change the sending channel, the track with the corresponding receiving channel reacts as I wish! Everything work perfect there!

BUT Cubase doesn’t anymore. It receives and plays anything altogether. The MIDI routing seems to be completely in a mess. But WHY. I did not find anything like a MIDI routing table or sth similiar. What’s going on?
There is no MIDI filter in the way, I never used rewiring or sth like this, nothing.
I DO NOT want to reinstall cubase. There MUST be a misadjustment anywhere.

Please help me!!!

You can use the Input Transformer to filter unwanted channels.

Ok. But using the input transformer to nail down the only desired input channel is just an irksome workaround, isn’t it?
:question: But it isn’t normal that any channel receives anything, is it? :confused:
What may be the reason for this strange behavior described above? Any ideas what I might set done wrong unintentionally?

Cubase´s MIDI tracks always receive MIDI data on all channels - this is normal. If you want to filter the input, you need the input transformer - always been like that. the field you´re talking of determines the output of the MIDI track, not the input.
If you set the MIDI track to say channel 1, all data will be sent from the MIDI track to the VSTi with channel message 1, even if it´s original channel is 4. To send MIDI data with the original channel data, the track has to be set to “Any”.

:bulb: Ah! So I was completely on the wrong track. I never noticed this behavior before and really didn’t twig that the field for the MIDI channel is designed as a “her eyou can set MIDI channel handed to the next device in the chain” before. The german manual is mistakeable at that point.
Dimwit me! I rarely use Cubase so that my learning progress diagram is rather flat… :wink:

Thank you, thinkingcap! I take my hat off!