Keyboard Shortcut Conflict with OSX Catalina - Azerty keyboard

While doing some exercises to learn (more) key commands, I ran into an unexpected problem :
The window shortcuts command-3…6 conflict with OSX shortcuts for taking screenshots.
eg - Press Command-Shift-3 (the shift is necessary to obtain number 3 on Azerty keyboard) instead of going into Engrave-mode, a “save picture of screen as file” action was performed .

Except for defining new shortcuts - is there any other solution available ?
(changing the keyboard is no option - it’s a laptop …)

Hi johjoh.
I’ve done a very extensive job with the french keyboard shortcuts. They’re available on the french speaking fb group, along with documentation that explains the reasons of most of my shortcuts. Feel free to come and get them!

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Hi Marc,

Thx for stepping in !
I’m not a native French speaker, but I not unfamiliar with the language, so (very probably) able to read the documentation.
Can you provide a fb link ?
I might consider another option (Elgato deck / dedicated external keyboard), but I am definitely interested in taking a good look at your approach before taking another route …

Dear JohJoh,

Here are the files I share on the French speaking FB group. Basically, my latest keycommands file (needs to go to ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 3.5 on a mac) and the PDF I made for v. 2.2. Of course, there have been new things, but most of it is there.
As you pointed out, the main difference with AZERTY layout is that you need to press shift to get the numbers. I exchanged most of the numbered keys for their un-shifted equivalent, to earn time. So different modes are cmd-1-5 but on my keycommands, there’s no need to press shift.
Rhythmic values are treated the same : press the numbered key without shift. Articulations, on the other hand, will need the shift key, but they are way less used than the rhythmic value. Exception for (unshifted) 1 and 2, which I reserve for increase/decrease grid resolution, because that feature is really super useful and needs to be easily accessible.
Hope it helps !

Raccourcis-Dorico-Pro-2.2.pdf (93 KB) (4.6 KB)

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Marc, really like your approach - allows to use mechanical memory to remember most important / used key commands - even when having to switch keyboards layouts !
Brilliant !

Thx a lot …

Thank you. I really have put some effort in this :wink: