Keyboard Shortcut for Control Room Level?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for Control Room Level in Cubase 10?

I’m setting up a Contour Design ShuttleXpress for monitor control in my studio. I’ve got the buttons assigned to monitor selection and want to assign the rotary dial to Control Room Level. So, actually, I need two keyboard shortcuts: one for Control Room Level up; one for Control Room Level down.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Open the key commands menu and look if these are available…?

I have this setup up with Steinberg’s CC121, but it’s under ‘custom assignment’ in the Studio Setup dialogue. Not sure it’s available for 3rd party controllers.

For the record, I received some solid advice in another forum discussion that improves a studio’s functionality when employing hardware volume controllers: Attach your hardware controllers to your sound card’s volume faders and leave the volume in all audio applications at 0 dB.

This has a few benefits: First, any dithering is performed by your sound card - not your audio applications - and should therefore provide the highest monitoring accuracy. Second, with your sound card as final gatekeeper of the system, rogue applications and Windows anomalies can’t sneak sounds through at full volume. Your sound card becomes a firewall of sorts.

On the downside, you lose the volume controls in your audio applications. And, most hardware volume controllers are relative - there’s no indication of absolute volume level, unless perhaps it provides a System Tray indicator of volume levels. [Mine does not. I have to open the mixer application from the System Tray to see where volume faders on all 16 channels are.]

Nonetheless, I’ve been using this setup for about a month now and am thrilled with it. No more random jolts of Windows system sounds when the OS decides to send something through the wrong set of speakers.

I hope this is helpful.