Keyboard shortcut for extending or moving a slur backward?

I’m working on an arrangement right now where I’m having to move slurs backward a good amount — e.g. extending it back to the note before the note it starts on, or just moving the whole slur, with however many notes it covers, back one note. Is there a way to do this with the keyboard? I seem to remember that in a previous version, selecting the slur and pressing Alt-Left Arrow would move it (though Shift-Alt-Left Arrow would not extend it backward), but that doesn’t work any more (if it ever did in the first place — I could just be imagining that!). Am I just missing something?

Okay… and now just after posting this Alt-Left Arrow is moving the slurs backward. I could have sworn it wasn’t working a minute ago.

Okay, now there are definitely some slurs that will move backward with Alt-Left Arrow, and some that will not. Is there a difference between “types” of slurs that all look the same that would cause them to behave differently?

Slurs can move left/right through notes in their original voices. So the start of slurs can move through notes in the same voice as the original start-note for the slur, and their end can likewise move through notes in the same voice as their original end-note. You can’t move a slur in an up-stem voice to notes in a down-stem voice, even if they’re on the same staff, if the slur didn’t initially have a “connection” to that voice.

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