Keyboard shortcut for HELP menu on mac

Hi there,

This is probably a stupid question, but i cant seem to find a way of creating a shortcut key to access the cubase help menu on my mac, as per the attached.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this?

Thanks in advance


You can’t reach any menu entry, you can reach only the final function via Key Command. So this is not possible.

Try this keyshortcut:

This is the standard OSX shortcut for all Applications that have “Help” in their Main Menu Bar.
You can change this shortcut in OSX System Preferences > Keyboard > App shortcuts, to your own liking.
But you must use 1 modifier key at minimum, you can’t just assign for example the key H.
It must be used in combination with for example CMD key, so the keyshortcut would then be CMD H.

Hope this helped!
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Perfect! thank you so much!

UR Welcome !