Keyboard shortcut for 'remove from group'

I’m finding myself using the ‘remove from group’ command in the dynamics menu. I can’t see an option to create a keyboard shortcut for it in the menu (I’ve mapped the ‘Group’ and ‘ungroup’ dynamics options). Am I being dense (always possible) or is it not possible to do this? Could it be made possible? Is it easy enough? I know the to-do list is longer than a Clapton guitar solo (too long, amirite?!?) so I know I may have to wait for a bit.

It’s there! Open Preferences, Key Commands, and search for “Remove.” There’s an option to map a custom key command to “Remove Dynamic from Group.”

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Found it! Thanks Dan. I have no idea why I couldn’t find that myself. Anyway, job done, much obliged.

Hey, I did not even know this existed ! Thanks !

Wow - I just created my very first key command with the help of this forum. It feels pretty darn powerful!

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