Keyboard shortcut for simple position marker?

I’m sure there used to be an option to insert a simple position marker with a keyboard shortcut. Now there only seems to be an “insert AND NAME position marker” option. This latter option forces you to enter a description before you can insert another marker, making it rather cumbersome for say, marking all the plosives or areas of sibilance that might need treating.
Can anyone let me know if I’m missing something?

Are you thinking of “Control + (Num Key) 1-9” to store a locator position?

The old command still exists. Check under Transport → Insert Marker in your key commands.

@Getalife2: No, it was simply to insert a marker.

@likelystory: Thanks very much, thats great to find out. So, in the Key commands window they have the “insert marker” and the “insert and name marker” in different folders; in the transport and the marker folders respectively. Kind of a bit confusing.