Keyboard shortcut for zooming grid to 1/16 etc

HI I was wondering if theres a way to have a shortcut to snap between viewing the grid at 1/16 & 1/16 Triplet and basically being able to customize it.

Im on Macbook Pro M1 running C13.0.41

Thanks guys


You can assign a Key Command to the Quantize Category > Toggle Quantize Triplet, which is very useful.

You can also assign different Key Commands to the Quantize Category >

  • Set Quantize to 1/4
  • Set Quantize to 1/8
  • Set Quantize to 1/16
  • ā€¦

Awesome thx I ended up setting these shortcuts;
Quantize 1/8 ā†’ Control + 1
Quantize 1/16 ā†’ Control + 2
Quantize 1/32 ā†’ Control + 3
Toggle Quantize Triplet ā†’ Control + 4

Im on a mac [for future bumps]