Keyboard shortcut or macro for Audio Device Setup?

Hi there,
Is there a keyboard shortcut to open Audio Device Setup, or a macro that can be recorded (I tried it but it didn’t seem to work), or any way to get there quickly instead of going Preferences > click Play > scroll down? So many things about Dorico are so quick and efficient that even this three-step process feels a little clunky. :slight_smile: If there’s not currently a way to do this, could you please add it as a feature request? Thank you!

It’s also on the Edit menu (Edit>Device Setup…)

And in the Preferences dialog you can also define your own keyboard shortcuts, also for Device Setup.

You can also access it via the jump bar, so you could even define a jump bar alias for it if you like.

However, it’s really unusual to need to go to this dialog, so I’d be curious to know why you are visiting it so often that you need a shortcut for it.

Thank you all! I appreciate the pointing in the right direction.

Instead of a feature request, then, might I humbly suggest that “Audio Device Setup” and “Device Setup” be made consistent?

Daniel, the reason I use it more often than most people is because my computer is in my bedroom. Most of the time, during the day, I just use the built-in audio, but if I’m composing early in the morning, while my wife is still asleep, I change the device to wireless headphones. Then when my kids come barging in to wake her up, I change it back to built-in audio. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Probably this solution is not available to you, but I tackle a similar predicament by simply turning off the loudspeakers.

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I was changing this frequently too, until I realized that my noise-canceling headphones have a wired option. Now I can enjoy sound isolation without the latency of Bluetooth! And as a bonus I don’t have to go switching devices all the time.

Maybe getting a touch OT here, but this little device was a game-changer for me:

It supports 2 sets of speakers (I’m only using 1) but with just a flick of the switch on the left side, speaker playback is off. Headphone playback is always on, and obviously it’s easy to just unplug the jack if desired. Unrelated to the OP’s dilemma, but the Monitor knob switches the balance between the USB input and the 2 analog inputs. With it centered, I don’t have to use a standalone VST with Dorico anymore, and can always hear my keyboard sounds whether my computer is on or not.

My wife now works from home, and while I’m not in the same room, the constant rewinding and playing short sections when I’m transcribing something drives her nuts. One flick of the switch and speaker playback is on or off.

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