Keyboard Shortcut to Show/Hide Specific Plugins on the Master Track?

Hi everyone,

I have a couple of VST plugins on my master track that I frequently use and never change. For example, I have a visualizer plugin that I’d like to quickly show or hide while I’m arranging or working on my track, without having the master track be selected.

Is there a way to assign a keyboard shortcut in Cubase to toggle the visibility of a specific plugin on the master track? For instance, pressing Shift + S would show or hide the visualizer plugin without interrupting my workflow.

I’d appreciate any advice on how to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

What is a Master Track?

I think the Main Mix Channel (default output bus) is meant, since a Master Track doesn’t exist in Cubase.

I don’t think there’s the desired shortcut, but there’s one for all plug-ins of the selected channel: Windows > Show/Hide Plug-ins

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Hello @steve,

Thanks for answering ! I’ve renamed the main bus “Stereo Out” to “Master Track” in Cubase, where I host fixed plugins like visualizers, imagers, and EQs. I’m looking to quickly toggle the visibility of these plugins with a keyboard shortcut, similar to Ableton Live, without needing to select the master track.

For instance, to check the stereo image, it’s inefficient to manually select the master track and open the plugin window. Instead, I’d like a keyboard shortcut (e.g., Shift + S) that allows me to show/hide a specific plugin (located in What I call “Master” track) from anywhere in my session.