keyboard shortcut to the select pointer

Hello! I am quite new to Dorico, although I watched nearly all your excellent tutorial videos and read as much as I could on the program.
One thing that is constantly bothering me is when I select the pointer (to apply articulations, select multiple notes/bars, etc.), I need to “turn it off” again before I can input more notes, making it very time consuming to move the mouse to deselect the pointer tool, click on the bar and so on.
Is there any keyboard shortcut to the pointer tool, or anything I can do to be back to input quicker? Thank you!

You can set a keyboard shortcut (in Preferences > Key Commands) for Note Input > Disable Mouse Input, which will act as a toggle for turning on and off the Select tool.
By using the mouse to click in notes and articulations, you’re already doing things in argubly the slowest way there is. Do try to get to grips with keyboard entry, if you can.

Great, this is what I needed, thanks!