Keyboard shortcuts and auditing samples in Battery 3

Hello Everyone,

I have 2 questions today:

  • Is there a comprehensive keyboard shortcut list for cubase 6? (or at least a shortcut to close the midi editor window?)
  • Is there a good way to audition samples in battery 3 without having to delete the old samples in a cell?

About battery, I always use the browser which is very nice and lets you adition the next sample simply by pressing down on the computer keyboard, however, once you decide to add a sample, you can double click or drag it to your cell which ADDS the sample instead of replacing the current sample. Is there a way to replace the current sample without having to use the “prev/next” buttons which cycle though the current folder?
Yes, I know the battery question is not directly related to cubase.

I found out that enter was shortcut for closing midi edit windows. How about battery?

Just answered this in the Battery forum: