Keyboard shortcuts askew

Short question with possibly a quick answer:

All of a sudden, for no apparent reason, all default keyboard shortcuts have changed. Hovering over the natural sign, for example, suggests typing “Á” (which doesn’t even work) instead of “0” as it has always been on my keyboard, and the sharp sign is now “-” instead of “=”.

In all other applications my keystrokes give the expected results.

Does Dorico somehow detect my keyboard as one of a different language from mine (in whatever way I may have messed this up by some keyboard stumble)? Is there a setting somewhere were I can amend this?

What language is your keyboard set to?

It is set to Norwegian and has a Norwegian layout of keys.

In Dorico’s Preferences > Key commands > Keyboard language is set to default.

I’ve reported something similar. Default shortcuts have come back on some actions, which is strange and never happened before (if I remember correctly).

Dorico doesn’t support the Norwegian keyboard directly, and has no default shortcuts for that keyboard layout. I guess you run Dorico in English, in which case Dorico will be using the factory English key commands, on top of which your own changes will be made. I would recommend you try quitting Dorico, temporarily moving your keycommands_en.json file out of the way (in your user-level application data folder, e.g. on Mac in /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4), then run Dorico again and see if the default shortcuts are working as expected once more.

Correct, I run Dorico in English and it has worked predictably since 1.0. I’ll try your suggestion and report.

It worked! Thanks!

I have encountered the same issue again, and apparently I have deleted both the keycommands_en.json file as well as the /Steinberg/Dorico 4 folder from the Application Support folder. Sorry for being an idiot. How can I get this back?

Double sorry.

It happened again to me yesterday, I really don’t understand how my shortcuts can be changed all of a sudden… I will make sure I have a recent version backed up (all I had were my prior v.4 backups, and since Notation Express 4, there are many of those shortcuts that I don’t need nor want anymore in my keycommands_fr.json file).
The only thing I did was go on a 2-days trip with my computer (Dorico worked normally then) and when I hooked it back to the dock, none of my “French” modified shortcuts was there anymore. :person_shrugging:

there are many of those shortcuts that I don’t need nor want anymore in my keycommands_fr.json file).

I wish I even had a keycommands file.

If you’ve deleted those files yourself, unless you have a backup, you can’t get them back, I’m afraid.

So I uninstall and reinstall Dorico, right? I’ll also try to airdrop the files from my other computer.

If you’ve deleted the factory key commands file from within the Dorico distribution, yes, you’ll need to reinstall the application to get it back.