Keyboard Shortcuts even for UI?


recently I have started to work with stream deck and it is significantly speeding up my whole workflow! Since I am currently working on my personal template for stream deck with even a lot of special guitar notation shortcuts I would like to ask how to define keyboard shortcuts for functions like Whammy, Scoop and all the other stuff which I cannot find in the menu.
As far as I understood so far all keys/identifier which are neccessary to expand the json file for the keyboard shortcuts can be tracked/identified with recording some macro and use the recorded string to add it to the json. No issue so far, this works great and is a really strong feature!

But for the above mentioned functions I only get the “keys”/identifiers in the recorded macro with the string starting with “UI…” and I do not know how to integrate it to the json file.

Can anyone help?

Since up to now there is no 3.1 popover list available (which would also solve my problem for I expect that all these functions can be envoked via a popover as well, like it is with bends) the above mentioned process is the only way I can think of to add these functions.

Thanks for helping!

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Christian, use the “multi-function” on the Stream Deck to create macros. Works like a dream!

You can then set a whole series of commands for one button.

Hi Dan,

Yes, I am already using the multi function. But the wuestion is what I should do to create the popovers/keyboard shortcuts for guitar-typical notation like whammy, scoop, vibrato…

Therefore I need either the keyboard shortcut or the popover. Neither of these I know how to do…


Scoop is Shift-O, “scoop.”

Whammy doesn’t seem to be supported yet… Daniel said in December it’s not supported yet, and a search of the 3.1 version history PDF returns no results.

“Vibrato bar dip” and “vibrato bar scoop” are listed as ornaments, but they appear in the playing technique popover, Shift-P. Not sure if that’s intentional.

These guitar techniques are still work in progress and there are as yet no popover commands for them.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for the information. So I need to wait a little bit :wink:

But what about the shortcut solution? Since I saw in the shortcuts dialog that there are obviously at least two shortcuts there (one for the selection tool), I assume that one can define shortcuts for the UI actions as well, can´t you?

I have tried to set it up, ending with something like this:

“UI.InvokePaletteButton?PaletteIndicatorID=kGenericLinesPanel.linestyle.dashedLineShortInwardHooks&PaletteSectionID=kGenericLinesHorizontalLinePanel&PropertyButton=false&SetOldValue=false&Set=true&UseLocalOverride=0” : [ “Ctrl+Shift+M” ]

but it doesn´t work (the json file is valid).

What would be the proper syntax for a UI command?

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You can’t do this at the moment, I’m afraid. We have provided dedicated commands to create e.g. a guitar bend and we’ll add corresponding ones for the other entries in the ‘Guitar’ section of the Ornaments panel, but a more general solution will be needed to make it possible to assign shortcuts to individual line types, which we’ll look into in a future version.