keyboard shortcuts for arranger triggers

could we please be able to trigger each arranger section with it’s corresponding key on our pc keyboard as long as the arranger track is in focus? eg. hitting “a” on your keyboard will trigger section a, “b” will trigger section b. etc etc.
alternatively, give each each section a “right click, midi learn option” so we can control the triggers via external midi controllers easily.
yes, i know how to set up a work around using generic remote but it’s really way to clunky and slow, and at times rather flaky.
what are the odds steinberg would revisit the whole arranger track in general? it’s not bad now but i think there’s a lot to be improved.

+1 for your idea - am also curious to hear what ‘other improvements’ you see for the Arranger Track too…! Maybe there’s another thread already somewhere (I have done a quick search)…? :wink:



Ok here’s one issue that’s been bugging me when I’m triggering the arrangement sections manually: When the next section is triggered, any notes that were playing already need to play in full before Cubase is done with that section. So any long notes, samples, pattern triggers for stuff like Groove Agent will keep playing as you go into the next section. I’d like to just have all notes from section A be released as soon as I have triggered section B.

This really ruins my day especially if i’m doing anything pattern based or dealing with arpeggios.
That isn’t an issue if you’re just firing off an arranger chain, as each section plays in full before moving onto the next section.

Speaking of the arranger chain however, I think it would be cool to set your cycle numbers
in half integers, ie 0.5 cycles, or 1.5 cycles, or even give us the option to set the number of cycles in bars and beats. Or maybe allow a second layer to draw different sections as a verse or chorus might be say 8 bars long, but I may want to re-use later just one bar of that. Currently the best option I see is copy/paste those 8 bars in the project window and draw new arranger clips there but that’s creating more clutter in my project window and adding more steps that defeats the point of the arranger track in first place.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Oh boy… I know exactly all your frustrations/wishes here, believe me…! I like your ideas.

A way to Include ‘pick-up’ notes or ‘half-bars’ etc, from the end of particular tracks only, when repeating sections, is a big desire of mine for extra functionality… The ability to make new (special.?) Arranger Track regions that will only playback certain designated channels (Lead gtr track for example) from within that region, would be ace…

And agreed - solutions involve ending up with more clutter; duplicating tracks/sections, moving, re-labelling, muting bits, automation re-writes perhaps, etc, etc… that makes the whole purpose of the Arranger Track become more and more redundant. May as well make my own ‘sections’ and copy/paste en-masse into empty space, past the end of the current project’s timeline.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its uses; but hoping its limitations aren’t where it is stuck forever.

Its all about time and resource…

Puma0382 yes that’s exactly where i’m coming from.

Designated channel/arranger zones would be another solid idea which I’d personally hope for too. An alternative would be to bring back mute groups . Apparently they removed them around version 6.5?
I never got to use them in Cubase but am very familiar with them in the live audio world, where you can user define combinations of mutes across the whole mixer, to a single button, and then have maybe up to 8 buttons available. Eg one button would be “mute all drum channels” another could be “mute everything except lead vocal channel” or “mute all vocal channels” . I think this feature is more important for the mixer than the arranger, but in the arranger it would be useful for test driving ideas.
Test driving ideas and track construction is really what i’m about with the arranger. I always see a lot of clamour to give Cubase “Ableton Live’s clip launch system” but I just don’t see that as feasible as Live is really build from the ground up in a completely different way. I own Live, and am a big fan of it but when I’m in Cubase I’m in a different workflow. The arranger is it’s own thing and has potential. It just needs a bit of expanding and refining to be great.

Oh yeah - Mute Groups; remember those from my ‘FOH’ live sound days too… :slight_smile: Don’t remember them being in Cubase though… (but that’s just me I guess).

Can’t see these would help me directly, with my ‘pick-up’ notes problem etc… but I like your thinking (for the ‘Test driving ideas’ thing). I do something similar now, using the AT to provide different ‘demo’ song structures for my boss, helping him decide what he likes about each; fast and easy (quick and dirty) enough for that.

But then of course, I have to go back and re-construct the chosen ‘arrangement’ anyway, from all the parts manually, resulting in all that extra clutter we’ve mentioned… :wink:

I’ll happily +1 a vote to bring Mute Groups back.! I can see they would definitely add an extra dimension to a number of ways of working in Cubase.

I also think that Ableton’s clip-based approach is too much of a stretch to ‘bring into’ a DAW like Cubase - if you want to work like that, get Ableton for goodness sakes.!

Finally, I’ve come to the conclusion that what I’m looking for is impossible, without having (more than one) independent timelines that can run simultaneously… and that’s complete crazy talk…!! :mrgreen: :ugeek: :smiling_imp: :laughing:


Independent AT timelines might just be the simplest approach Bob!
I went on a bit of a tangent with the mute groups yes! probably a request for another time.
But my thinking right now is just one step at a time, and keep the requests as manageable as possible so i think that:

  1. multiple arranger tracks
  2. hot keys/midi learn for the “live” part of the arranger track
  3. option to release midi notes from previous section when new section is triggered

are my top priorities now :slight_smile: