Keyboard Shortcuts for filter

I would like to assign keyboard shortcuts to - Filter > Notes in chords > top note or single notes as well as bottom note or single notes. Unless I’m missing something, I assume we can’t do this yet, and hopefully it will be added in a future update.

Unfortunately this is indeed not possible at the moment.

David, have you tried Keyboard Maestro? I’ve been programming these kinds of macros for AHK (Windows only) with great results. You essentially assign a string of keystrokes to a single key command. It’s pretty easy—and I’m no programmer!

I haven’t used KM, but I hear others are very pleased with it.

Thanks for the suggestion Dan. I’ll check that out because it sounds very helpful

I know that I’ve posted about this before, here:
I’m pretty sure I actually explained the steps for how to do this in Keyboard Maestro, but I can’t immediately find where. Bear with me…