Keyboard shortcuts for noteheads

Is there anyway to set up keyboard shortcuts for noteheads?

writing a lot of drums, it’s a must for me

Not without a bit of JSON hackery. I’ve laid out the principles here.

Thank you, I’ll try that

btw I hope they are going to adress this soon…

Jack, you shouldn’t be overriding noteheads in percussion staves. You should be defining different percussion playing techniques for each instrument and then switching between them using Shift+Alt+up/down arrow during input and editing.

I see… the thing is that often I tend to go back and forth on some notes and try different things like change headnotes on guitar or bass parts for make them play certain techniques…or for instance select some snare notes and switch them as side stick notehead…I’d like to select multiple notes and switch the noteheads on the fly like Sibelius with some shortcuts…is that already possible?

Yes, if you select multiple notes and do Shift+Alt+up/down they’ll cycle through the mapped playing techniques.

ohh now is a lot better! you saved me! thank you =)