Keyboard shortcuts for the engrave mode toolbox

Hi together,

I downloaded Dorico 2.2 and I must say I’m really excited about the new features! Many great improvements – concerning new elements as well as the workflow!

I only miss the possibility to navigate in the new engrave mode toolbox by keyboard. I can switch from input mode to engrave mode by cmd-3. This is very comfortable. But for switching between the four sub-modes (graphic editing, frames, vertical or note spacing) I have to use the mouse. I wanted to create keyboard shortcuts for these modes, but cannot find the toolbox-entries in the menu for keyboard shortcuts. Can anyone help me?

Thanks a lot,


You can assign key commands by searching for “Edit Graphically”, “Edit Frames”, “Edit Staff Spacing” and “Edit Note Spacing” in the “Edit” category in the Key Commands page of Preferences.

Thank you, Daniel!
I found them just before reading your message. Sorry for asking without thinking!
I created alt-1 to alt-4 as shortcuts for these modes, and it works perfectly.

I have implemented the same shortcuts as b_e_n mentions. Interestingly, if I use. e.g. alt-1 to go to “edit graphically” coming FROM “edit note spacing” or “edit staff spacing” (i.e. which doesn’t have a pane), the pane doesn’t show, and neither is there a little arrow to open the pane (see screendump). If just click on “edit graphically” rather than using the short-cut it works fine (both pane and arrow show). Not a major inconvenience, but a “feature” worth reporting.

Yes, I just noticed this too!

I have these mapped to a Stream Deck, which is a lot faster when I’m constantly switching between modes and tools.