Keyboard shortcuts for tremolos?

I see listings in the keyboard shortcuts to remove tremolos from a selection, but I can’t find listings for creating tremolos. Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction?

Many thanks,

Unfortunately you can’t set keyboard shortcuts for adding tremolos at the moment. I’ll make a note of this. (The reason it’s not possible is that some commands require parameters – in this case, the number of tremolo strokes – and these need some special handling in the dialog.)

Was this functionality ever added? This is a big workflow slowdown for me. I don’t mind hacking prefs files or otherwise MacGuyvering a solution.

No, unfortunately at the moment this can’t even be MacGuyvered. It’s on our list for the future.

Michael, in the meantime, could this be mapped to Dorico’s macro? (Option-Shift-Command-R)

I suspect Daniel would have suggested this, but I’ll look into it!

For what it’s worth I spent a decent chunk of my weekend making it possible to create tremolos via both key commands and indeed via a popover, so this is something that will definitely be addressed in the next release, when it comes.

That’s simultaneously great and awful speed of service. :slight_smile:

Thanks Daniel! Were you able to fix complications when dealing with dotted values tremolos? (That always requires to rewrite with force duration…)

No, I was just adding some more UI.

Great news — this will be extremely helpful.